Cloud Hosting Services

cloud-public-private-hybridWe tailor flexible & customizable cloud hosting resources for your business needs. Our WITS Cloud leverages our own datacenter in Southern California, with an array of highly specialized high performance hardware and Virtual Machine software like ESXi and Hyper-V from VMWare and Microsoft. Our hybrid public-private cloud services are also fully compliant with any laws your business is governed by, going through annual audits and receiving certifications like SSAE-16.

We also implement 3rd party AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud hosting services to either replace or compliment the needs of businesses who can’t be bothered with the expensive upkeep of in-office hardware and software server installations. Each of these renown cloud providers house data in tightly secured and frequently audited facilities that have passed multiple certifications, including but not limited to SSAE-16 and various international ISO standards. We generally highly recommend the following four services:



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