Document Management Systems

Legal DMS

We specialize in deploying document management systems (DMS) for small-to-medium sized law firms all over Southern California. DMS is vital for almost any company that has a sprawling business with deeply nested document directories and no centralized repository to put it all in. This specialized software will typically provide much more efficient workflow controls, full text searches across documents and emails simultaneously and deep insight into your work product metadata. We tend to recommend a few core products, mostly iManage “Work” software, Microsoft SharePoint sites and NetDocuments cloud offerings.

iManage Work Desktop


FileSite provides a fully integrated work product management interface inside Microsoft Outlook. FileSite enables full document and email management without ever leaving the Outlook interface.


DeskSite provides email management and full document management capability from a dedicated desktop application. It is designed for professionals who want keyboard shortcuts and a highly efficient interface optimized around document management, yet still supporting full email management functionality.


FileShare provides a quick and easy way to expose electronic project folders within a classic Windows Explorer/desktop interface. It is the simplest and easiest way to file information in iManage Work and replaces shared drives with an equally simple interface which provides the benefits of one electronic file with enhanced search, governance and productivity.


OffSite enables professionals to take selected engagement files on the road, for completely disconnected work while traveling.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint software is one of the most highly configurable and customizable DMS solutions available on the market. If you are already a Microsoft partner or tend to stick with the Microsoft ecosystem, using SharePoint to supplement your current file servers or DMS tends to be a useful exercise, particularly when Office 365 cloud subscriptions now include 1TB of data per user for free. There are some inherent limitations to SharePoint, chief among them 2GB file size limitations, no more than 5,000 folders per site and other potential complicated and difficult to use features and syncing issues. However, using SharePoint for projects, such as collaboration or co-authoring, and for their robust versioning features tends to be an excellent idea for firms of any size. 

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